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Dear Darkest Night creator,

Thank you for making something for me! Hopefully one of my prompts will inspire you, but if not then pretty much anything for the tag(s) we matched on will make me happy. I tried to be clear about my DNWs (and I'll elaborate on them some more below) but to put things into more positive terms: I like het, slash, femslash and poly. Any rating is fine. Graphic noncon is fine, dubcon's fine, consensual sex is fine. Blood, bruises, scars and burns are all okay. Also mental illness, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Characters in pain, from mild to excruciating. Please make my favourites suffer. ♥

- [ profile] aestivali

- Character death. It's fine for characters to be in a situation where they might die, or be convinced they're going to die, but I don't actually want to see it happen. Leave it ambiguous. (Or have them be saved, if you want a happier ending. But ambiguous is fine.)
- Underage sex.
- Scat or watersports.
- Incest. (This does not include doppelcest, which I have prompts for in Voltron.)
- Bestiality. (However xeno involving sentient aliens, dragons, etc is encouraged.)
- Broken bones.
- Eye trauma.
- Amputation, loss of limbs, or removal of body parts. Where this is canon, please don't focus on it.
- Internal bleeding. External bleeding and bruises are fine. If someone gets badly beaten, I'll assume no internal bleeding even if that's biologically improbable.
- As an extension of the above, no permanent physical damage from rape, please. I prefer the scars to be psychological.
- And I almost forgot, but no needles please, especially in art. (Injections that are not described in detail are fine.)

- third person
- past or present tense
- hurt/comfort
- angsty porn
- loyal but complicated relationships
- unreliable narrators/narratives where you're not quite sure what's real
- characters not being sure what's real either

- my woobie of choice tied up, or crying, or beaten and bruised
- one character comforting the other as they cry
- one character crying while the other sleeps next to them unaware
- an enormous cock raping their ass
- being made to kneel before their captor
- hands wrapped around their throat
- shadowy hallucinations
- glowing eyes, because of possession or dark magic


Bruce Wayne/Alfred Pennyworth

I love the complicated relationship these two have, with Bruce technically being in charge but Alfred being the responsible adult. Also how loyal they are to each other, but still keep secrets and allow each other to struggle with things. I love how protective Alfred is, how he's willing to sacrifice himself, but at the same time won't let Bruce get away with everything and isn't afraid to punish him. And I love Bruce having a manipulative streak, especially if he's trying to seduce Alfred.

Please no underage, though, even Alfred lusting after underage Bruce but not acting on it. I want Alfred to feel like a dirty old man but for Bruce to be a consenting adult. (Or not so consenting, if it's one of the dubcon/noncon scenarios.) Shame and guilt is great, statutory rape not so much.

- Aftermath of Torture, Aftermath of Violence: Some hurt/comfort after Alfred gets hurt in the line of duty, yet again. I love it every time it happens and I will never get enough.
- Alternate Universe - Hunger Games Setting: Alfred is the Haymitch to Bruce's Katniss, falling in love as he trains his young charge. He knows Bruce most likely won't survive, but he can't stop himself hoping that somehow...
- Enduring Torture to Protect Another: Alfred is tortured as Bruce watches. Either it's a display for Bruce's 'benefit' or Bruce is hidden nearby and both of them must keep quiet.
- Fuck Or Die: They're not in a relationship (yet), but Unspecified Baddie demands the two of them strip off and have sex - or they'll both be killed.
- Harmed to Punish Another: Bruce's latest scheme results in a very painful warning being visited upon Alfred.
- Hypothermia: While cut off from civilisation, Bruce gets too cold and starts to go into hypothermia. Alfred has to stabilise his body temperature before it's too late. (Perhaps they are snowed in at a cabin, or lost in the wilderness.)
- Sex Pollened Character/Non-Sex Pollened Character: Bruce is dosed with some kind of sex pollen, and there's only one way to cure him. Alfred is reluctant, but he knows it has to be done.
- Shame in Sexual Desires: Alfred is disgusted with himself for being attracted to Bruce. That's not necessarily going to stop him.


Betty Cooper/Veronica Lodge

Oh man, this ridiculous show. I am here for all the girls, but especially these two, and especially as a couple. I love that Betty seems like such a good girl but has some real darkness in her. I love that Veronica is a former bad girl who's trying to do better. They really seem to balance each other out, and they bonded so quickly. I also love it when they work together to do questionable things, with Betty leading the charge and Veronica being the voice of reason but still with her all the way.

- Breathplay: Getting off on the sensation of it, but also the danger. Perhaps with shades of self-loathing. (Your choice as to whether it is Betty or Veronica on the receiving end.)
- Dark Character: The return of Dark Betty! I loved her in the show and would be so excited to see more. Can Veronica draw her back to herself, or is it permanent this time?
- Gothic Horror: Riverdale is already halfway there, but. Creepy old houses. Ghosts that may or may not be real. Menacing shadowy figures. All the delicious creepy tropes! Perhaps they go on a roadtrip, and ended up at a haunted hotel? Or need to visit the ruins of Thornhill for some reason?
- Hallucinations, Hearing Voices, Mental Breakdown: Any of these, singular or in combination, for either of the girls. Just someone's brain turning on them in a horrible way.
- Killing Together: A progression of their decisions to break into cars and boil hot tubs - another plot results in a situation where they feel they have to kill someone. They feel terrible but they're going to support each other in it. It has to be done. (If you go with this prompt, please make it an OC and not a canon character.)
- Possession: Either of them is possessed by an evil entity. Maybe the other one has to work to save them. Maybe they can't, and have to watch as their lover visits all sort of evil upon them/others.



I ship these two so much, and apparently I need even more angst than the show itself is heaping upon them. Shiro is just so kind and patient and gentle, and he suffers so beautifully. I love him being self-sacrificing and trying to protect Keith, both physically and emotionally. On Keith's part, I love his devotion and his determination to rescue Shiro, but also his emotional awkwardness. They're great together, but their lives don't make it easy for them.

Please nothing about the loss of Shiro's arm or the process of replacing it, and no art of him without an arm. Some post-replacement body horror is fine, as long as it's along the lines of 'oh no my new arm is evil' and not 'oh no my arm is gone'.

- Aftermath of Torture: Keith tries to help Shiro deal with both the physical and mental after-effects of being tortured. Lots of comfort, but it's not easy for either of them.
- Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Mating Cycles/In Heat: One or both of them experiences these, perhaps caused by Keith's Galra genes or the experiments they did on Shiro. Maybe just heats, maybe one has a knot, maybe there are urges to dom or sub. Either way, it complicates their relationship. (No preference as to which is alpha, omega, etc)
- Alternate Universe - Historical: Ancient Rome AU. The Galra are the Romans, Shiro is a gladiator in their arena. Keith could be the illegitimate son of a senator or some such. (Even Zarkon, if you want.) Perhaps they meet at a dinner party where the Champion is being shown off. Perhaps there is some kind of Spartacus-esque uprising. I'd just love to see them in some of the trappings of Ancient Rome.
- Character's memories were a dream/a delusion: The Shiro we got back in season 3 is a clone with implanted memories. How does he feel when he finds out? What about Keith? Or do they carry on, not realising anything is wrong? Lots of angst, please. (You could also go AU and have him be a clone from season 1.)
- Chronic Insomnia: Perhaps caused by nightmares (see below) but Shiro finds it extremely difficult to sleep, to the point that it begins to seriously affect him during the day. Maybe he tries to hide it, or maybe Keith helps him through it.
- Depression: All of the other terrible things happening in Shiro's brain progress into depression. He knows his team needs him, but he just... can't. Or maybe, now that Keith is Black Paladin, he doesn't feel needed at all.
- Enduring Rape to Protect Another, Enduring Torture to Protect Another: Some standard self-sacrificing Shiro. Perhaps it's to protect the team, or to protect Keith specifically. Either way, terrible things happen and Shiro suffers nobly. Perhaps Keith is there and has to watch, or perhaps he can only watch in horror over a video link.
- Guilt: After all the things he did in the arena, Shiro suffers from survivor's guilt. He knows he tried to be merciful, he only did what he was forced to - but he still irrationally feels like it's all his fault.
- Hallucinations, Hearing Voices: Shiro keeps seeing and/or hearing his tormentors everywhere. He doesn't even know if they're real. And maybe he doesn't want to tell Keith, either because he's ashamed or because he doesn't want to worry him.
- Mental Breakdown: It's all finally too much for Shiro, and he breaks down. Feel free to combine this with any of the other prompts, eg PTSD/panic attacks/hallucinations, torture, rape, etc
- Nightmares: Shiro has nightmares about all the terrible things the Galra did to him. You could go inside his head and show what the nightmares are like, or show what the effects are in his waking life. Maybe he doesn't want to share a bed with Keith because he doesn't want him to know/doesn't want to wake him up screaming. Maybe they do share a bed and Keith comforts him when the nightmares wake him.
- Panic Attacks: More like when Shiro freaked out and ejected Sendak into space, please. Could focus on a single attack and the sensation of it/Keith trying to help him through it, or on the effects of repeated panic attacks, large or small.
- Possessed Victim noncons Victim: One of them rapes the other while under the influence of the Galra/some other alien species. What is it like during? How do they deal with it afterwards? (I'd prefer it not to totally destroy their relationship but it can make things very angsty for a long time.)
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Anything focusing on Shiro's PTSD. Could be from his POV, getting into the darkness of what it's like to experience that, or from Keith's, with the pain of watching that happen to someone you love. Does Shiro have flashbacks when they're trying to be intimate? Or maybe it's just a constant lowkey presence in their lives, and Keith wants to help Shiro but doesn't really know how.
- Something Made Them Do It: Sex pollen, unexpected alien rituals, or just the Galra forcing them to fuck or die. Maybe they were already a couple, maybe they hadn't yet confessed their feelings, but it's not an entirely pleasant experience. (Dubcon or noncon is fine.)
- Soulmates Gone Wrong: Just because they're soulmates, doesn't make it easy. Maybe they're destined to be in love but not to live happily. Maybe Haggar uses dark magic to warp their bond. Maybe being too far from each other causes them pain. Maybe they have some sort of telepathy or empathy, but all of Shiro's issues just make that a bad thing. Just anything where destiny bites them in the butt.
- Whump: One or both of them gets beaten up in battle, or attacked by nature, or something. Afterwards they're all dirty and bruised and in lots of pain. Maybe one rescues the other, or they both have to huddle together and wait for the rest of the team to save them.

Galra/Shiro, Haggar/Shiro, Sendak/Shiro, dark!Shiro/Shiro

'Any Galra' can include Zarkon, any of the generals we've seen, OCs, or maybe a Blade of Marmora trying not to blow their cover. Lotor is presumably half-Galra, but he can come too. (No Lotor/Shiro/Zarkon or Lotor/Shiro/Haggar though please. Too close to incest for me.) Dark!Shiro can be an illusion, a hallucination, a figure in Shiro's dreams, or a fully-fledged evil clone implanted with his memories.

Please nothing about the loss of Shiro's arm or the process of replacing it, and no art of him without an arm. Some post-replacement body horror is fine, as long as it's along the lines of 'oh no my new arm is evil' and not 'oh no my arm is gone'.

- Bad Guys Win: Team Voltron fails, but the Galra keep them around for their own amusement. And they take a special interest in punishing their former Champion.
- Choking: I love all the times Shiro gets choked in canon and I want more, please. Could be during battle, could edge into breathplay. Just someone wrapping their hand(s) around his throat and giving it a squeeze.
- Hallucinations, Hearing Voices: Either during his captivity or after he escapes, Shiro keeps seeing and/or hearing his tormentors everywhere. He doesn't even know if they're real.
- Medical Experimentation: Giving him drugs to see how he copes or induce certain states: truth serum, fear toxin, sex pollen. Or strapping electrodes to him to give him shocks. Or forcing him to run on a treadmill for hours upon hours. Just testing him in physically and emotionally unpleasant ways.
- Mindwiping: They keep mindwiping Shiro, so that every time he's raped/experimented on/forced to kill, it's like the first time for him all over again.
- Nightmares: Even after he escapes, Shiro is haunted by his experiences. Every night he sees them again, repeating their old tricks, trying out new ones - and he's not sure that they're just dreams.
- Rape as Entertainment/Sport for an Audience: Fighting wasn't the only thing Shiro had to do in the arena. Sometimes the crowd would watch as he was raped by a Galra - or multiple Galra, either at the same time or one after another.
- Rape as Part of Scientific Experimentation and Research: The Galra have never seen a human before, and they want to know his limits. How long he can last without coming, how much can his ass stretch, how does he respond to sounding? Everything is carefully measured and noted down.
- Rape/Non-con Elements: Pretty much any rape scenario not covered by the above. Maybe it's common for gladiators to be prostituted out to important Galra. Maybe Haggar doses him with space viagra so she can ride his dick. Maybe Sendak finds him again after being ejected into space, and exacts revenge. Maybe dark Shiro decides to prove who's strongest. Just anything with poor Shiro being violated.
- Torture: Shiro is tortured for refusing to kill/daring to escape/being a paladin. Can be physical or psychological torture.



Khadgar is a precious baby mage who needs to be protected at all costs. By which I mean, have all the terrible things happen to him. I love his sass, his curiosity, his recklessness. And, of course, his enormous tear-filled eyes. I really want to see Gul'dan do all sorts of awful things to him, whether magical or sexual. Size difference and size kink is a plus.

- Bad Guys Win: Either an AU of the film, or post-film. The orcs win, Khadgar is captured, and Gul'dan is free to do with him as he pleases. And nobody's coming to save him.
- Corruption: Gul'dan slowly uses the fel to corrupt Khadgar, body and soul. Maybe, by the end, Khadgar even likes it.
- Forced Orgasm: Not only is Gul'dan going to take away control of Khadgar's body, but control of his pleasure too.
- Powerful Character Made Helpless: Anything from Khadgar having his mouth covered again, to being full-on gagged and tied up. Lots of fear and lots of tears, please!
- Raped by a Gigantic Cock: The size difference between orcs and humans applies as much to their genitals as everything else. It takes a lot of time, lube, and pain, but Gul'dan is determined to fit his enormous cock inside this delicate little mage.
- War Trophy / Spoils of War: Gul'dan keeps a captured Khadgar as his slave. Either as a trophy, because he's such a powerful mage, or just because he has such a pretty face.



I love these two separately and I love the idea of them together. It would be a real contrast, and probably not always easy. Anduin is so patient and kind, concerned with being a good leader and establishing peace. Wrathion has good aims, but sometimes he can be a little shit. Being different species could make it politically difficult, or result in some kinky xeno porn.

Note: Due to the weirdness of dragons, for the purpose of defining 'underage' I will assume Wrathion is an adult too if Anduin is eighteen.

- Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Irresistible Instincts/Urges, Mating Cycles/In Heat: Wrathion's dragon biology is insistent. Perhaps Anduin is fine with it, perhaps he resists. Maybe Wrathion ends up raping an unwilling Anduin, or unexpectedly knots with him, or initiates a mate bond. Maybe he manages to stop himself just in time.
- Emotional Manipulation: Morally grey Wrathion manipulates Anduin to get what he wants. Could be sexually or politically.
- Forced Bonding: Wrathion's determined not to let Anduin slip away from him, so he initiates a bonding without consent. Or perhaps it is someone (or something) else that forces the two of them together, and neither is happy about it.
- Forced Cross Species Pregnancy: Wrathion needs heirs, so he lays eggs inside Anduin - without Anduin's permission.
- Mirror Universe, Parallel Universes: Anduin meets a Wrathion who was corrupted by the old gods. Or, Wrathion meets an Anduin who is the total opposite of the one he knows - but perhaps he doesn't realise it's not his Anduin.
- Oviposition: They both need heirs, so Wrathion consensually lays eggs inside Anduin. But the process turns out to be painful and/or dangerous.
- The road to hell is paved with good intentions: Wrathion is so determined to protect Azeroth from the Legion that it leads him down a dark path. Or, Anduin sees Wrathion turning towards evil and takes drastic action to stop him - perhaps involving priestly mind control.
- War Trophy / Spoils of War: An alternate universe or future scenario where the two are on opposite sides of a war, and Wrathion's side wins. He then claims Anduin as his spoils, either to protect him or because he feels it's his right.
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Dear Crossovering Creator,

Thank you for making something for me! And... I'm so sorry for leaving my letter locked. *facepalm* I'm interested in a wide range of things though, so if you've already started something then I'm sure I'll love it. If you haven't, feel free to use any of these prompts - or ignore them all and come up with something else entirely. As long as it respects my DNWs, it's fine. I like all ratings; I like gen, het, slash, femslash and poly; I like fluff and angst and porn and hurt/comfort. I just want to see whatever you're inspired to create!

If you're interested in the worldbuilding and want to get deep into the details of how the two worlds mesh, that is cool. But if you want to just ignore that and slam two characters in a room together and see how they react, that is also totally cool. If I give a prompt for two characters, I'm probably fine with seeing them shipped. (I'd prefer non-crossover pairings only be background ones though, unless it's a fusion.)

I requested fic and art for all fandoms, except the Riverdale/Voltron/Alice in Wonderland option which is art only. For fic, I prefer third person, but am fine with both past and present tense. For art, you could do an action scene, a comic, or simply just two characters next to each other; for fusions I'd also love art that's simply character from fandom A dressed in character from fandom B's clothes. For both fic and art, I enjoy a wide range of styles, so just go with whatever you feel most comfortable with or most inspired by. Happy creating!

- [ profile] aestivali

DNWs: underage, incest, gore, scat, watersports, deathfic


I love the iconography of Alice in Wonderland and it'd be great to see the characters from Riverdale experiencing its weirdness. The red and black of the playing cards, the strange size changes, the general surrealism of the place... I just find it very visually appealing, and I'd love to see them fused, even if it's simply a portrait of someone from Riverdale as a Wonderland character.

It's up to you whether to emulate the style of Tenniel's drawings, the illustrations from any other edition, the Disney film, or simply interpret the book's descriptions through your own style.

Riverdale characters in Alice in Wonderland setting:
- Betty dressed as Alice.
- Jughead finds a cake saying 'eat me'... so he does.
- Veronica or Cheryl as the Queen of Hearts.
- Josie as the Cheshire Cat.
- Cheryl painting the roses red.
- The students of Riverdale High playing Wonderland croquet.
- The students of Riverdale High at the Mad Hatter's tea party.
- Cheryl and Jason as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.


I love the iconography of Alice in Wonderland and it'd be great to see the characters from Voltron experiencing its weirdness. The red and black of the playing cards, the strange size changes, the general surrealism of the place... I just find it very visually appealing, and I'd love to see them fused, even if it's simply a portrait of someone from Voltron as a Wonderland character.

It's up to you whether to emulate the style of Tenniel's drawings, the illustrations from any other edition, the Disney film, or simply interpret the book's descriptions through your own style.

Voltron characters in Alice in Wonderland setting:
- Allura dressed as Alice.
- Coran as the White Rabbit.
- Haggar as the Queen of Hearts.
- Slav as the Caterpillar.
- Hunk finds a cake saying 'eat me'... so he does.
- Any/all of Team Voltron as the playing cards.
- Any/all of Team Voltron playing Wonderland croquet.
- Any/all of the lions as the Cheshire Cat.
- Or Shiro as the Cheshire Cat because he kEEPS DISAPPEARING
- Any/all of Team Voltron at the Mad Hatter's tea party.


I love the world of Avatar and it'd be great to see the characters from Voltron as benders. Who gets which element? Who's a natural, and who needs help? Feel free to include plot points from Avatar, or just to use the world.

Voltron characters in Avatar setting:
- Everything changed when the Galra empire attacked.
- Shiro teaching Keith to firebend.
- Allura using water as a whip.
- Hunk just wants a nice cup of tea, but other people's bending practice keeps interrupting.
- Hunk or Coran dressed as Iroh
- Allura dressed as Katara, Yue or Suki
- Shiro dressed as Aang
- Lance dressed as Sokka, Pidge as Toph, Keith as Zuko
- Or, Keith dressed as Zuko and Acxa as Azula
- Or, Lotor as the disgraced prince Zuko


I love the world of Avatar and it'd be great to see the characters from World of Warcraft as benders. Who gets which element? Who's a natural, and who needs help? Feel free to include plot points from Avatar, or just to use the world.

World of Warcraft characters in Avatar setting:
- Anduin's father doesn't understand how he ended up with a waterbender son.
- Khadgar tries to ride a flying bison. It does not go well.
- Wrathion is determined to use his firebending for good, but with nobody to guide him he finds it hard to resist temptation.
- Blind earthbender Illidan defies his mentor Cenarius to invent metalbending.
- After escaping from the clutches of bloodbender Arthas, Sylvanas learns how to use the power herself.
- Orphaned and separated from his people, Thrall must learn to reconnect with the elements.
- Avatar Malfurion slept inside an iceberg... for ten thousand years.


I'd love to see any of the princesses paired with each other (except Anna/Elsa) but especially Anna/Rapunzel, Elsa/Ariel and Jasmine/Ariel. Also feel free to ship Aladdin and Flynn with any of the princesses - or each other. Or keep it gen and just show me what shenanigans they get up to.

Crossover prompts:
- Rapunzel wants to paint a picture of Anna, but Anna finds it hard not to get distracted.
- Jasmine can sympathise with Ariel's urge to escape her life.
- Aladdin takes Anna on a magic carpet ride.
- Hans arrives in Agrabah to try and win Jasmine's hand.
- Anna tries to teach Ariel how to ride a bike.
- She wants to visit Ariel, so Elsa uses her powers to give herself a mermaid tail made of ice.
- Aladdin and Flynn try to out-smoulder one another.
- Ariel has never seen a desert before. It's like a beach, but where's the sea?
- Rapunzel is ridiculously excited to discover a whole underwater world.
- When they try their tricks in Arendelle, Elsa freezes Jafar or Ursula solid.
- Hair braiding.
- Helping each other into/out of complicated dresses.
- MEGA PRINCESS SLUMBER PARTY. (Feel free to include other princesses too if you want, eg Belle, Mulan, Merida, Tiana.)


I'd love to see the Doctor visiting any of the princesses' kingdoms and fighting an alien invasion there. Or, instead, one (or more) of the princesses becomes a companion, and gets to visit other worlds. Please no Doctor/princess, but Bill/any princess is more than welcome. And I'm happy with any of the Doctors from the new series.

Crossover prompts:
- Elsa can understand the cybermen's urge to eliminate emotions.
- Ariel left the sea long ago, but now it seems to be following her - in the shape of a girl with a star her in eye.
- Rapunzel's frying pan vs a Dalek.
- Rajah may be her beloved pet, but meeting an actual talking cat person is a little bit weird for Jasmine.
- Anna gets lost in the Tardis.
- Bill thinks a princess might be out of her league, but it really seems like she's flirting with her.
- Seeing the far future or far past of their kingdom.
- The Doctor attends a royal ball.


I'd love to see either someone from Riverdale transported to the world of a Disney princess, or vice versa. Some crossover ships I'd be particularly interested in include Anna/Betty, Rapunzel/Betty, Elsa/Cheryl, Elsa/Veronica, Jasmine/Veronica, and Ariel/Josie.

Crossover prompts:
- When Cheryl falls in the frozen river, it transports her to Arendelle.
- Jafar tries to menace the Riverdale girls and they just do not care. They've got hot tubs to boil and houses to burn down.
- Veronica takes any of the princesses for a bit of retail therapy.
- When Betty enters another world, her golden hair starts shimmering.
- Anna's never heard of a burger before, but it turns out they're amazing.
- Hans and Cheryl team up to wreak havoc.
- Rapunzel stumbles into the Serpents' bar... and completely wins them over.
- Josie and Ariel perform together a song together.
- Any of the princesses attend a dance at Riverdale High.
- Cheryl figures if she's stuck in this fairytale world, she might as well be Queen, right?
- In the heat of Agrabah, Jughead is forced to endure his worst nightmare: removing his hat.


My preference here is for Frozen to provide the characters while Doctor Who provides the setting, although you can have it take place in Arendelle as long as there's a TARDIS/someone's a Time Lord/etc.

Frozen characters in Doctor Who setting:
- Anna can't understand why her sister keeps disappearing... until she discovers that Elsa has a Tardis.
- The sky is awake. And alive.
- When Elsa runs away, Anna tries to use the Tardis to follow her. The Tardis is not very good at directions. Or decades.
- Hans carries a fobwatch everywhere with him.
- Sven is an enthusiastic time traveller, but the Tardis isn't really designed for reindeer.
- Visiting an entire planet made of chocolate.
- Kristoff didn't exactly sign up to be a companion, but it turns out to be quite difficult to get him home.
- Time travel means Anna can sleep as long as she wants... right?


I'd love to see the Doctor visiting Riverdale and fighting an alien invasion there. Or, instead, one (or more) of the characters becomes a companion, and gets to visit other worlds. Femslash with Bill is fine as long as the girls from Riverdale are adults. And I'm happy with the Doctor being any of the ones from the new series.

Crossover prompts:
- Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and/or Jughead get picked up by the Doctor.
- There's something living in Thornhill that shouldn't be.
- Betty gets possessed by an alien entity.
- Veronica visits an intergalactic bazaar.
- This alien civilisation want to make Cheryl their queen. Unfortunately, there's a catch.
- Jughead encounters a giant talking serpent.
- The Doctor attends a dance at Riverdale High, but he's not the only alien there.
- All the girls take notice when Jack Harkness arrives in Riverdale.


I'd love to see the characters from Doctor Who attending Hogwarts. For houses, I imagine Bill and Rory as being Hufflepuffs, Martha as a Ravenclaw, and Amy and Rose being Gryffindors. But feel free to change it up, put them all in the same house for Plot Reasons, or ignore houses altogether.

Doctor Who characters in Harry Potter setting:
- The Doctor as a Hogwarts professor. Or the headmaster. (Or even multiple Doctors as professors of different subjects. Imagine the chaos!)
- Bill had no idea her mum was a witch, until she got her Hogwarts letter.
- Amy and Rory meet on the Hogwarts Express at eleven years old.
- Martha wants to work at St Mungo's one day.
- The Doctor is a metamorphmagus.
- River always plays to the crowd during her Quidditch matches.
- Rose keeps seeing a big black wolf, but she must be imagining things. Right?


In this case, I'm interested in both the Doctor Who characters in the Voltron setting, and the Voltron characters in the Doctor Who setting. Either way would be great.

Doctor Who characters in Voltron setting:
- The Doctor as Allura; Bill, Martha, Rose, Amy and Rory as the paladins. Perhaps with Missy as Haggar and the Master as Zarkon.
- As an Altean, the Doctor can shapeshift. He likes to change his form every few years, and doesn't understand why earthlings find this odd.
- Bill's not in the habit of flirting with aliens, but when she crashlands in an underwater city full of gorgeous mermaids... well, who could resist?
- Amy may have disappeared, but Rory will protect her lion forever if he has to.
- When a woman with masses of curly blonde hair breaks into the Castle of Lions, she declares two things: one, she's the Doctor's wife; and two, she is part of a secret group known as the Blade of Marmora.
- The lions are bigger on the inside.

Voltron characters in Doctor Who setting:
- Coran as the Doctor. He's finally ginger! With Allura and/or any paladins as his companions.
- Yes, they're dangerous, but Pidge really wants to know what's inside a Dalek.
- Everyone gets a sonic screwdriver - except Shiro.
- Keith doesn't know why, but he's always carried this fobwatch...
- When they finally rescue Shiro, his friends discover he's been partially turned into a cyberman.
- Some art-specific prompts: Coran wearing Eleven's outfit, complete with fez;
- Pidge in Amy's outfit from The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood, or from Vincent and the Doctor;
- Keith in Amy's outfit from The Impossible Astronaut;
- Lance in Jack Harkness's outfit from The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, or Rory's stag night outfit from The Vampires of Venice;
- Allura in Rose's union jack outfit, Rose's dress from The Idiot's Lantern, Martha's usual leather jacket, Liz Ten's outfit, River's outfit from The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang, or River's grey dress from Day of the Moon/A Good Man Goes to War.


In this case, I'm interested in both the Doctor Who characters in the World of Warcraft setting, and the World of Warcraft characters in the Doctor Who setting. Either way would be great.

Doctor Who characters in World of Warcraft setting:
- The Doctor doesn't know how he ended up leading the Kirin Tor, but apparently that's a thing now.
- Bill as a newly-made Death Knight. How does she deal with this?
- Rory guards Amy while she's in the Emerald Dream.
- Martha always wanted to be a priest of the light so she could heal people. But now, she might have to embrace the shadow.
- Rose gets turned into a worgen.
- Simm!Master as Medivh and Missy as his Khadgar.
- Ace as a goblin.
- A visit to Goldshire produces an interesting result.

World of Warcraft characters in Doctor Who setting:
- Medivh as the Doctor with Khadgar as his companion.
- Or, Khadgar as the Doctor with Anduin as his companion.
- Wrathion as the Master.
- Sylvanas may have been turned into a cyberman, but she's determined to defeat her programming.
- Visiting ancient Rome.
- The Daleks were created by goblins. That may explain why they have trouble with stairs.


I'd love to see the characters from Frozen attending Hogwarts. For houses, I gravitate towards Anna as a Hufflepuff, and maybe Kristoff too, but feel free to distribute them as you want. Elsa in particular I can see working in multiple houses.

Frozen characters in Harry Potter setting:
- Anna loves Quidditch. Unfortunately she keeps falling off her broom.
- Elsa is a powerful witch, but she has difficulty controlling her magic - especially when she sneezes.
- The rules don't specifically forbid a reindeer as a pet but...
- Anna, Elsa and Kristoff pay a visit to Hogsmeade.
- The everchanging hallways make it inadvisable to ride a bike around Hogwarts. Inadvisable, but not impossible.
- Pureblood Hans is snobby about Kristoff's muggleborn background.
- Anna loves having conversations with the paintings.
- Stuffing a chocolate frog in your face turns out to be quite hard.


In this case, I'm interested in both the Frozen characters in the Voltron setting, and the Voltron characters in the Frozen setting. Either way would be great.

Frozen characters in Voltron setting:
- Elsa and Anna awake from cryosleep to discover Arendelle has been destroyed.
- Olaf is a robot. They're not quite sure if he's glitching.
- Kristoff didn't expect to get a free reindeer at the space mall, but Sven turns out to be a good buddy.
- Hans is a half-Altean/half-Galran prince who's disguised himself to try and steal Voltron.
- Learning to form Voltron means Elsa has to trust her sister like she never has before.
- Wearing the Voltron battlesuits.

Voltron characters in Frozen setting:
- Prince Lotor seems like the perfect suitor... maybe too perfect.
- Keith was adopted by trolls.
- Lance is determined to find his true love at the coronation ball. Princess Nyma seems lovely...
- Shiro disappears, and Team Voltron must travel across a wintery Arendelle to find him.
- Or, Shiro is the escort, patiently helping people up a mountain with no promise of reward.
- Art of Allura and Pidge wearing Elsa and Anna's coronation outfits.
- Hunk as Olaf.
- Sven as Sven.


My preference here is for Frozen to provide the characters while World of Warcraft provides the setting. Feel free to include plot points from the games, or just to use the world.

Frozen characters in World of Warcraft setting:
- With Stormwind's queen Elsa mysteriously missing, princess Anna is romanced by the handsome nobleman Hans... who might just be a black dragon in disguise.
- Elsa is a mage of the Kirin Tor, and Olaf is her water elemental.
- In this world, Kristoff was adopted by a different sort of trolls.
- Sven is actually a Tauren.
- Anna loves pandaren cooking.
- In fact, she loves pandaren. So big! So fluffy! So cuddly!
- Or maybe she is a pandaren.


I would love to see the characters from iZombie competing in the Great British Bake Off, and interacting with Mel, Sue, Mary and Paul.

Crossover prompts:
- Liv is a contestant whose bakes Definitely Do Not Contain Brains. Honest.
- Ravi snarking it up with Mel and Sue.
- Peyton tries to bribe Mary by putting booze in her bake, but totally denies that's her tactic.
- Everything goes wrong for Major. Everything.
- Clive ignores everyone else's shenanigans and just bakes something awesome.
- When zombies invade the tent, everyone tries to protect Mary... but it turns out she is one. And then she kicks ass.


I would love to see the characters from Voltron competing in the Great British Bake Off, and interacting with Mel, Sue, Mary and Paul.

Crossover prompts:
- Hunk is the baker everyone aspires to be, with his great presentation and amazing flavours.
- Pidge whips out her science knowledge to invent some bizarre technique that has great results.
- Allura's bake is gorgeous, with all kinds of delicate piping work and such.
- Shiro is either as brilliant at baking as he is at everything else...
- OR (if you believe that one page from the tie-in comic) Shiro is actually terrible at baking. Like, how-did-you-even-burn-that kind of terrible.
- Coran spends most of his time joking with Mel and Sue. Also, his bake is moustache-shaped.
- Vrepit Sal is a jaded baker who rediscovers his passion through the experience. Probably cries on camera.


I'd love to see the characters from Voltron attending Hogwarts. It'd be great to have some art of Hunk, Pidge, Lance and Keith in correspondingly-coloured Hogswarts house uniforms. Or Quidditch gear! But for fic, I'd rather Pidge be in Ravenclaw and Lance in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. (Hunk is definitely Hufflepuff though. So Hufflepuff. And Keith is Gryffindor, of course.)

Voltron characters in Harry Potter setting:
- Pidge, Hunk and Lance try to sneak out to Hogsmeade, and Prefect Shiro catches them.
- Coran is the Divination professor. They're never quite sure if he's having them on.
- Shiro as Hufflepuff Quidditch captain, trying to train his new recruits Lance and Hunk.
- Oh no! The subjects have escaped from Care of Magical Creatures! And they're... cuddling Pidge?? Oh.
- Lance is pretty sure he's part Veela. Pretty sure.
- Hunk keeps trying to read Pidge's homework, no matter how much she shouts at him. Maybe she finally has to hex it to dissuade him.
- Keith insists on practicing flying alone.
- Lance buys all the latest potions and salves from dodgy adverts in The Daily Prophet. They're definitely going to make his skin glow this time, right? (Maybe not the sort of glow he wants.)
- The lions as owls, delivering posts.


I'd love to see the characters from World of Warcraft attending Hogwarts. For houses, I imagine Wrathion as being a Slytherin and Khadgar as being a Ravenclaw.

World of Warcraft characters in Harry Potter setting:
- Everyone in his family is a Gryffindor... but Anduin gets put in Hufflepuff.
- Khadgar as the sassy, punny professor who seems a bit incompetent but everyone loves.
- Wrathion loves flying and is an enthusiastic Quidditch player.
- Head Boy Khadgar starts to suspect his tutor Medivh is experimenting with the forbidden magic of horcruxes.
- Anduin keeps pet pygmy puffs.
- Nobody quite knows why Khadgar's owl is bright pink, but then there's a lot of things about him they don't understand.
- Wrathion has been trying to become an Animagus for years. When he finally succeeds, his form turns out to be... a dragon. Oh dear.
- Anduin takes Wrathion to Hogsmeade, but didn't count on him getting so giggly on butterbeer.


My preference here is for Stranger Things to provide the characters while His Dark Materials provides the setting, although it's up to you whether that is simply a standard daemon AU or set in alternate Oxford and incorporating plot points from HDM.

Stranger Things characters in His Dark Materials setting:
- Eleven has a natural talent for reading an alethiometer.
- When Will disappears, his friends suspect he's been taken by the Gobblers.
- Eleven has no idea what all these experiments are for, but one day she hears someone whisper a strange word: intercision.
- When Barb goes missing, Nancy worries she's gone for good. Then she comes back... without a daemon.
- Mike, Will and their friends use their unsettled daemons to act out fantastical adventures.
- After one particularly horrible experiment, Eleven's daemon takes a new form. It is tall and grey and its face folds out like a flower, and it won't listen to her any more.


My preference here is for Voltron to provide the characters while His Dark Materials provides the setting, although it's up to you whether that is simply a standard daemon AU or set in alternate Oxford and incorporating plot points from HDM.

Voltron characters in His Dark Materials setting:
- The lions of Voltron are special daemons that can bond with anyone, in addition to their usual one.
- Haggar is the leader of the Gobblers, and she tries to perform intercision on Shiro.
- Pidge and Hunk get their hands on an alethiometer and try to figure out how it works.
- After his first disappearance Shiro's daemon resettled.
- Instead of quintessence, Haggar and Zarkon are experimenting with Dust.
- Keith's daemon never settled, and he doesn't understand why.
- The other paladins must travel to Bolvangar to rescue Shiro, with the aid of the canal-faring Marmora.
- Is it harder for Pidge to diguise herself as a boy when she has to disguise her daemon too?
- Keith discovers that the blade he's always carried can cut holes between worlds.
- Perhaps, like panserbjørne, Galra do not have daemons. When captured by Zarkon, one of the paladins must convince him that they can be his daemon.


I'd love to see Team Voltron arriving in a zombie-filled Seattle, or the characters of iZombie somehow ending up In Space.

Crossover prompts:
- Liv eats an alien's brain to help Team Voltron get some important information. It has... interesting results.
- Shiro angsts with Major about the Terrible Things They've Done and/or What Have I Become.
- Pidge, Lance, Ravi and Major have an epic video game session.
- Hunk cooks something super spicy for the zombies.
- Or, he cooks an awesome normal meal for Peyton.
- Ravi is super excited that the Space Princess has a British accent.
- Lance tries to flirt with Liv, then worries she's going to try and eat his brain.
- Clive despairs at the discovery that there are not only zombies, but evil aliens.
- Coran gives Ravi tips on how to be an intergalactic fashion pirate.


These two canons could conceivably exist in the same world anyway, but I would love to see some of the characters meet. Tonally, they seem like they'd be a great match, and could result in some excellent silliness.

Crossover prompts:
- Jack and Guybrush partake in some insult swordfighting.
- Elaine and Elizabeth discuss a trade deal or the difficulties of being a female pirate leader.
- Jack pays a visit to Stan's Previously Owned Plotlines.
- Norrington romances Elaine. (Whether this is straitlaced or scruffy Norrington is up to you.)
- Tia Dalma and the Voodoo Lady discuss recipes and interior design.
- Jack steals LeChuck's beard or something??
- After being put in the same prison cell, Elizabeth and Elaine break out together.


This request is for art only, and mostly with a focus on the Riverdale characters in a Voltron setting. (I am up for the Voltron characters in a Riverdale setting, but I'd like you to avoid Generic High School AU, please. If it's recognisably Riverdale, that's cool. But that leaves fewer prompts, so that section is noticeably shorter. Sorry!)

Riverdale characters in Voltron setting:
- Wearing the Voltron suits. Cheryl in red, Veronica in black. Betty in blue or yellow. Jughead as the sole boy in green? For the fifth paladin, perhaps Josie. Which I guess means Allura is... Archie.
- The Southside Serpents as the Blade of Marmora.
- Cheryl and Jason as Pidge and Matt.
- Betty, Veronica and/or Cheryl as the mermaids from season two.
- Jughead undergoing the Trials of Marmora.
- Altean Veronica vs Galra Cheryl.
- Betty in the trash nebula, befriending those cute little fluffy aliens.
- Space Mall shenanigans. RIDING KALTENECKER.

Voltron characters in Riverdale setting:
- Eating in the booths at Pop's.
- Team Voltron in Riverdale High varsity jackets.
- Keith and/or the Blade of Marmora in Southside Serpents jackets.
- Allura and Pidge performing as the Pussycats. (Who is the third member? Shay? Haggar?? Coran???)


These are both space canons, but I imagine they take place in different universes. I'd love some characters to cross from one to another. Gen interactions would be great, but I'd also be interested in the crossover ships Allura/Leia, Finn/Keith, Finn/Shiro, Rey/Allura, Rey/Pidge, Rey/Hunk, Poe/Allura, Poe/Shiro, and Poe/Keith - or any combination of the above!

Crossover prompts:
- Allura and Leia bond over the difficulties of being a princess from a lost planet and leading a resistance.
- Rey builds a robot with Pidge and/or Hunk.
- Seeing Finn defy his stormtrooper origins gives Keith hope for himself.
- Pidge meeting BB8. Imagine the excitement!
- Rey and Allura train their emerging powers together.
- Poe has a piloting competition with any of Lance, Keith or Shiro.
- After all those years of rehydrated food, Rey salivates over Hunk's cooking.
- Finn and Shiro both know what it's like to be trained for evil.
- Poe gives Allura something shiny. (It looks better on her.)
- Pidge and Rey sympathise about searching for family.
- Whoops, we've all crashed into a planet full of sex pollen plants.


In this case, I'm interested in both the Star Wars characters in the Voltron setting, and the Voltron characters in the Star Wars setting. Either way would be great.

Star Wars characters in Voltron setting:
- Leia as Allura, with her fellow paladins Rey, Finn, Poe and Han.
- Or perhaps they are the original paladins, with Han as Alfor and Ben as Zarkon.
- Finn never liked being a Galra. When he learns about the Blade of Marmora, suddenly he has a new purpose.
- Or perhaps Finn grew up thinking he was human, and had no idea he is half-Galra.
- Han has a really intense bond with his lion. Maybe too intense.
- Rey always believed her family would come back. She had no idea they'd been captured by the Galra.
- Chewie is just a furry Galra. A really really furry Galra.

Voltron characters in Star Wars setting:
- Shiro is a Jedi and Keith is his padawan. Perhaps Keith needs help with learning to meditate.
- Hunk and/or Pidge as junkers like Rey.
- Allura as the princess leading the rebellion, struggling with all she's lost.
- Lance and Keith argue over who gets to fly the Millennium Falcon today.
- Shiro as an ex-stormtrooper. Or perhaps that's Keith. (Or both?)
- Any/all of Team Voltron as Jedi.


I'd love to see Team Voltron somehow ending up in Stardew Valley and interaction with the people (or creatures) there. Mentioning the player farmer is fine, but please don't focus on them or include player/anyone. I'd much rather see the established canon characters.

Crossover prompts:
- Hunk and Gus have a cook-off.
- Willy teaches Lance to fish while they bond over how awesome the sea is.
- Allura and Haley bond over shiny things.
- Keith and Sebastian find a corner to emo in.
- Pidge gets adopted by Junimos.
- Harvey is ridiculously excited about seeing the lions fly.
- Shiro befriends Krobus.
- Maru shows her inventions to Pidge and/or Hunk.
- Coran and Mayor Lewis compare fabulous facial hair.
- Space mice vs junimos.


My preference here is for Voltron to provide the characters while Stardew Valley provides the setting. I would really like it to be recognisable as Stardew though, and not just Generic Farm AU, please.

Voltron characters in Stardew Valley setting:
- Keith is the angsty loner who rarely leaves his basement. Shiro is the hardworking farmer who draws him out of his shell.
- Pidge gets adopted by Junimos.
- Hunk as the proprietor of the Stardrop Saloon.
- In a tower to the west of the village, Lance discovers a magical princess.
- Zarkon, Haggar and/or Lotor as the manager of JojaMart.
- Coran has secretly been breeding purple chickens.
- Daily life on the farm.
- An expedition into the mines.
- Any/all of Team Voltron attending one of the valley's festivals, eg dance of the moonlight jellies, ice fishing, etc


In this case, I'm interested in both the Stranger Things characters in the Voltron setting, and the Voltron characters in the Stranger Things setting. Either way would be great.

Stranger Things characters in Voltron setting:
- Any/all of the kids dressed in the Voltron battlesuits.
- When Will disappears, the other paladins must find someone to replace him. Perhaps this mysterious girl with a shaven head is suitable...
- Eleven as a gladiator for the Galra. (Your choice as to whether she's aged up and/or still has psychic powers.)
- The kids try the simulator at the Galaxy Garrison.
- Nancy as Allura and Barb as Coran.

Voltron characters in Stranger Things setting:
- Shiro as Eleven. Would love to see art of him in Eleven's sensory deprivation kit especially.
- Haggar's basement experiments on Shiro result in a dangerous creature ripping the veil between worlds: Kuro.
- Or, when their friend Shiro goes missing, Keith, Hunk, Pidge and Lance must team up with this strange and possibly-psychic girl, Allura.
- Little Pidge, Hunk, Lance and Keith play D&D together.
- Coran as Joyce, with the Christmas lights.


I'd love to see the characters from these canons meeting. Either Team Voltron arrives on Azeroth, or the characters from Warcraft somehow travel to a world full of Galra instead of orcs.

Crossover prompts:
- Keith and Garona bond over both being half-human.
- Pidge can't understand a word Durotan is saying, but she's determined to learn.
- Allura and Taria comfort each other.
- Khadgar is fascinated by these magical lions and wants to know all about them.
- Medivh tries to corrupt Shiro with the fel.
- Garona vs Allura: fight!
- Hunk and Khadgar trip over each other. Constantly.
- Lance tries to flirt with Garona. It does not go well.
- The space mice try to steal Atiesh.
- Shiro/Khadgar. Because reasons.


I'd love to see the characters from these canons meeting. Either Team Voltron arrives on Azeroth, or the characters from World of Warcraft somehow travel to a world full of Galra instead of orcs.

Crossover prompts:
- Pidge meeting some gnomes and/or goblins and having a fantastic time.
- Shiro and Anduin help each other to shoulder their burdens.
- Allura and Anduin discuss royal responsibility.
- Lotor and Wrathion both struggling with the sins of the father.
- Khadgar and Coran ganging up to make puns about everything.
- Or, discussing the weirdness of their ages.
- Haggar and Sylvanas being creepy weirdos together.
- Pidge trying to figure out how a hearthstone works.


In this case, I'm interested in both the Voltron characters in the World of Warcraft setting, and the World of Warcraft characters in the Voltron setting. Either way would be great.

Voltron characters in World of Warcraft setting:
- Shiro as a Death Knight and Haggar as the Valkyr who raised him.
- Pidge as a gnome, goblin, or dwarf. INVENTIONS. EXPLOSIONS. BEING REALLY SHORT.
- Hunk and/or Shiro as any of the taller races - eg orcs, tauren, trolls.
- Pidge adopts a murloc.
- Allura as queen of Stormwind, trying to make peace.
- Or, Allura and Coran as the only draenei to make it to Azeroth.
- The Blade of Marmora as uncorrupted black dragons, with Keith as their prince.
- Or, Shiro is the Black Prince.
- Keith as Ebonhorn. Perhaps the others are highmountain tauren.
- Slav is a bronze dragon.
- They're all murlocs. Form Mrlgrln! (Bonus points if Coran still has his moustache.)

World of Warcraft characters in Voltron setting:
- Anduin as Allura and Wrathion as Lotor.
- Khadgar as Coran. His whiskers made him a bit of an intergalactic fashion pirate, you know.
- Vol'jin as Blade of Marmora, fighting against Garrosh's tyranny.
- Illidan with a magical robotic arm instead of blinded eyes.
- A visit to the space mall unexpectedly results in them acquiring Baine.
- Sylvanas as the Haggar to Arthas's Zarkon.


For this one I'm largely interested in characters meeting themselves. Or being shipped with themselves. (Although I'm also intrigued by the idea of film!Khadgar/game!Anduin Wrynn.) Please keep them as being alternate universes/timelines though, I don't want it to just be as if the characters have travelled in time. (Also a cool idea, but not for this exchange.)

Crossover prompts:
- Khadgar meets his alternate self. Perhaps they discuss how differently things went for them. Perhaps they geek out over magical research.
- Or perhaps they decide to do a different sort of research, and hop into bed together.
- Garona meets her alternate self. I imagine they'd both be horrified to discover who Medivh is to the other one.
- Or, again, selfcest porn! Hard and fast, but with lots of pleasure.
- Or they end up sparring with each other - or fighting, until they realise who the other is.
- Durotan and Draka meet their alternate selves. (From the World of Warcraft side, could be the original timeline or the Warlords of Draenor timeline.)
- Maybe they go on a hunt together.
- Anduin Wrynn has always respected Khadgar, but he never knew he used to be so... hot.
- film!Khadgar is still tainted by the fel, and Anduin Wrynn must use his priestly powers to help him. (Porn may or may not ensue.)


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